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Top 10 Best-Selling Adult Toys In India And Why Are They So Popular

  • Top 10 Best-Selling Adult Toys In India And Why Are They So Popular
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Surprising Fact?

“Lucknow tops the list for the demand for flavoured condoms.”

These products have contributed greatly to couples’ and individuals’ growth. There are vegan contraceptives, kegel balls, performance enhancers, and supplements for men. There are moisturisers, lubricants, and delicate vibrators for women. Here are the top 10 best-selling adult products and the reason for their fame:

1. Fleshlight: It is currently one of India's most desired sexual items. The shapes of the fleshlights range from the mouth shape to the vaginal opening shape. The device gives you a familiar penetration experience and makes you self-sufficient.

2. Masturbator: These are inexpensive; anyone who desires it can obtain them. Their popularity is attributed to the fact that they are easy to use and offer the finest possible experience. Male masturbators are appropriate for both experienced and new users.

3. Clitoral Stimulators: Women in India enjoy vibrating sexual massagers, also referred to as "Clitoral Stimulators." They stimulate erogenous areas, including the clitoral and G spot, and are among the most popular sex devices. Most women prefer clitoral stimulators because they are commonly perceived as the quickest method to achieve orgasm.

Did you know?

“Karnataka tops the list among states with highest massager purchases.”

1. Remote-Controlled Toys: Remote-controlled vibrators and pair massagers are the finest sex aids for couples. With these, couples can experiment with new methods to enjoy themselves sexually. They pack a punch in terms of stimulation and are discrete.

2. Anal Toys: Typically, anal sex devices use nonporous materials such as stainless steel, glass, or medical-grade plastic. You can elevate Anal orgasms in numerous ways, including lubricated devices that facilitate entry, enhance sensation, stimulate the G-spot, and provide prostate massage. A few of these anal toys include:

a. Anal beads are a form of sex device consisting of several spheres that you can insert into the rectum to produce a variety of sensations.

b. Anal Vibrators follow a similar procedure, but you have the added benefit of vibrations for stimulation.

c. The butt plugs resemble dildos but are shorter and have curved ends to prevent them from becoming lodged in the rectum.

BDSM Equipment: BDSM is a sexually charged fantasy or thought that depicts various courageous, apprehensive, and masterful actions. You do various acts following the BDSM rules and standards you and your partner agree on. They could also be accomplished by a group using bondage gear. These

BDSM equipment include:

  • BDSM paddles: The BDSM paddles are the best option for shocking your companion into submission with pain.
  • BDSM ticklers for spanking: These paddles with ticklers enhance this spanking. Since paddles are typically small and light, a beating is pleasant but not dangerous.
  • BDSM Clamps: The BDSM nipple clamps have the potential to induce the most intense sensations. These restraints can arouse a person's sexual desire. The flexible rubber ends on many of them are ideal for beginners.

Did you know?

“Assam ranks first in selling BDSM equipment and Bondage gear.”

  • Strap-On: A strap-on is a form of sex device that consists primarily of a dildo and a harness that secures the dildo. The individual who "straps on" the dildo can use it to "enter" their companion without using their hands. Some strap-ons with hollow dildos are available for men with erection difficulties.
  • Lubricants: Lubricants can improve comfort and reduce the irritation of any sexual activity. Both men and women can utilise lubricants for intimate use. Lubricants have the following benefit:
      1. They improve the body's inherent hydration. The sexual activity is not painful or difficult and becomes seamless with a lubricant.
      2. Regardless of the type of physical activity, lubricants make it more pleasurable.
  • Vaginal dryness is a prevalent issue that may emerge due to hormone fluctuations, stress, and the onset of menopause, among other things. The use of lubricants prevents the onset of irritation and painful sexual experiences.

Did you know?

“People buy Lubricants more than they buy vibrators or dildos.”

  • Prostate Massager: A prostate massage can treat and even cure various sexual issues and provide pleasure. You can stimulate the region with prostate massagers, making it easier for the seminal fluid to trickle out.
  • Adult Toy Cleaners: You must follow strict hygiene with adult products as they can become a source of serious infections. There are a lot of adult toy cleaners available in the market. You should choose mild soap solutions and soft fabrics for the best results possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products safe to use?

All the products mentioned above are tested, and companies ensure they are safe for human usage.

Is Bondage Gear dangerous?

No, Bondage gear does involve the infliction of pain for stimulation; however, it is extremely safe to use. You would be shocked to know that they are preferred among couples.

Are Sex toys Legal in India?

They are legal in India, provided they do not create obscenity in public. When they are in discrete packing, used behind doors, or advertised in a manner that is not obscene, they break no laws.

Are Fleshlights difficult to clean and maintain?

No, the adult toy cleaners make it very easy to clean products like Fleshlights without causing any damage.

Which Cities are at the forefront of buying these adult products?

Mumbai tops the list, with Delhi in second place. It accounts for 9% more sales. Tier two cities need to catch up.

Do women purchase these adult products?

Yes, women are among the top consumers. Cities like Vijayawada, Jamshedpur, Belgaum, Faridabad and Panipat, among many others, are where women purchase these adult products more than men.

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