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The joy of exploration: Trying new things with adult toys

  • The joy of exploration: Trying new things with adult toys
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There are two types of sex toys in general 1) Traditional sex toys and 2) Non traditional sex toys

These are the two broad categories in which we divide the sex toys available. Traditional sex toys are the ones that are old school toys without any new innovation they are majorly used for penetration. For example - dildos, these are considered as traditional sex toys. Whereas, Non traditional sex toys are the ones that are newly invented with some technological and design advancement. These are designed to provide pleasure beyond penetration with maximum level of orgasm with sensations and are also known as premium sex toys

In this article I would be elaborating and discussing some of the non traditional sex toys that are available for us to explore. These would add new pleasures into your sex life.

Rotating G-Spot Vibrator

This vibrator is designed to maximize the pleasure at g-spot. These vibrators come with a rotation feature that allows you to rotate the vibrator along with vibrations inside your vagina to gain maximum orgasm possible as this is a women sex toy. This can be rabbit shaped, wand shaped or dildo shaped. Depending upon various designs the sensations and pleasure produced is different.


Remote Controlled Vibrators

This is another women sex toy but can also be used by a couple. This is a vibrator that comes with a remote controller. This makes things more convenient and fun, once you have inserted the vibrator inside you don’t need to reach down to change the vibration modes and disrupt your pleasure while searching for the button with the right vibration. The vibration modes can be controlled by you or your partner using the remote controller provided with the device. The controller has a switch on/off button and other buttons based on vibration modes available in the vibrator. This sex toy has made things much easier and pleasurable.


Heating Sex Toys

When we are buying or considering buying sex toys, we all tend to try and buy something as identical to the real thing as possible but when we are replacing human temperature to sex toys we also want to feel that warmth. Therefore, now we have adult toys with heating effects that can raise their temperature to give you the feel of the real thing. Most of the sex toys these days have temperature adjustments that can be adjusted according to the needs. This allows you to feel as close to the real thing as possible. It's the best toy when we need some heat in our body during winters.


Application/Mobile Controlled

The technology advancement has also contributed to the enhancement and development of sex toys industry. In this category sex toys can be operated using applications in your device. Couples in long distance relationships enjoy these sex toys in their collection. This toy is used at one place and can be operated through application by anyone from any other place in the world. These toys may include butt plugs, dildo vibrators, egg vibrators, cup masturbators and many more. These toys helped couples in long distance relationships to get orgasm through partners technically.


Sex Doll Toys

These are realistic looking toys that are majorly used by men and are part of male sex toys. These are real looking human dolls with all the sexual parts. There are also options available to buy a half body doll with only vagina and rectum. These dolls are designed to give you a real like feel and come with heating or vibrating effects as well. The vagina hole and anal hole are designed to give maximum pleasure by giving a wet and warm effect. The boobs that are attached to a real doll are made squeezable to be able to play with the doll in all ways you like. The material used gives a real soft feel like that of a skin.



It is the most high tech and engineered machine in the industry of adult toys. This machine is engineered to provide automatic sex with different thrust levels. It can be adjusted to different positions and speeds. It is an automatic machine that has a moving rod and a port to attach different sizes of dildos at the head of the movable rod. This is the best machine for women masturbation.


Rabbit Vibrators

This is a unique vibrator due to its design. Many people wanted to keep their sex toy discreet therefore, this product was designed to give similar pleasure to a dildo in a unique design. They are bright coloured cute looking vibrators that do not resemble dildos. While the design was changed the pleasure and sensations provided by this product made it even more popular in the industry of sex toys.

Automatic Rotating Men Masturbator

This is another example of an engineered sex toy that comes with automatic jerking and rotating functions. It is a men's masturbator that is used to masturbate without using hands. It has more movements and speeds than what we can do with our hands. It gives you the pleasure that is sensational and can make you reach your climax without getting tired.


Artificial Hymen

It is not some fancy automatic or technical product. However, it is mostly sold in India and it is a very unique invention. It made women virgins again, regardless of the reason why women would like to take artificial hymen. It is available in the industry to give them what they desire.. The product is inserted inside the vagina using the index finger before the intercourse and it starts to expand making you feel tighter. This creates a membrane like layer inside and once broken through sex it will spill little artificial blood. Some women like to use it for adding some fun to their sex life and some wanna keep their past secret. Either way it is a unique product.



The development and growth in other industries also led to development in the adult toy industry. These new advancements have been really helpful in the adult toy industry as we are able to meet the unexpected demands of the consumers. These toys helped us in making things easier for the people who are working hard otherwise and want some fun in life. This industry has advanced a lot and would continue to do so in order to meet all the desired fantasies of our clients

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