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Must-Try Innovative Sex Toys for Couples

  • Must-Try Innovative Sex Toys for Couples
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The most common question that couples ask is “What adult toys should we use and where to begin from?”. It's true that it can be confusing to choose from the buffet of adult toys that we offer and if you are a beginner then it can be confusing to decide. While discussing couples sex toys please keep in mind you are two people who are in one relationship therefore, there should be an acceptance and comfortability from both partners. While buying and deciding what to buy, discuss and decide among each other what are things you would like to include as your pleasure mates in your sex life.

Sex toys for couples

Anal toys

These toys are used to begin or enhance your pleasure in anal style sex. Some couples enjoy having anal style sex whereas some are still afraid to try it out. We have toys to help both the types.

Anal Beads

These are highly recommended for couples who want to start including anal style into their sex life. These are different sized beads that are arranged from small to large order and can be inserted inside rectum at your own comfort and pace. This will help you get comfortable and used to the fact of having anal sex. It will help you experience sensations like never before. To make things more comfortable you can always add lubes.

Butt plugs

These are similar to a dildo but mainly designed to be inserted inside anal. These come in vibrating and non vibrating options. To make things more fun they also come with a remote control option where you can handover the remote in your partner's hand for things to be controlled by them. These are for couples who are already having anal sex or are comfortable to insert butt plugs into their rectum.

Anal vibrators

These are butt eggs, butt plugs and anal beads that come with a vibration effect. Some of them also come with a heating effect to give you a real feel. The vibrations are designed after understanding the anatomy to provide maximum sensations.

Foreplay toys

Some couples enjoy sexy role plays using costumes and toys. Bondage is one very common style we talk about in role plays. This style is used by couples who like to act dominant and submissive.


This category of role play includes several sex toys that are used by a dominant over the partner playing to be submissive. It is the most popular form of sex style that couples generally enjoy. It is the most wild and fun style to help you bring out the horniest side of you. It is the most creative and innovative sex style where you can go above and beyond your own imagination. It is a style where you use props and yourself to tease your partner.

  • Neck collar

These are cuff like collars mostly made up from leather and are tied around the neck. They are soft from the inside for the collar to be comfortable and some also come with chains and ropes to be pulled and tied around for pleasure.

  • Whips

These are sex toy tools that are designed to hit humans to exert pleasure from pain. It looks similar to a broom but is made from a lot of strands attached together at a joint from where it can be held and controlled. They are mostly made from soft leather material. Couples like to spank each other using whips.

  • Handcuffs and ankle cuffs

These are play cuffs that are used to tie hands and ankles. Whenever we feel some sensation on our body we tend to react through our hands and legs. Cuffing our hands and ankles makes us vulnerable to make any movement while our partner at the same time is using other toys to trigger all our senses. This is the most commonly used adult toy in bondage style.

  • Gag balls

We all love to hear and make sounds while having sex. Making sound while making love helps express feelings and helps to arouse your partner. This gag ball is used to make the sounds more sensual by adding a gag ball to your mouth. The muffled sounds made by you or your partner will contribute in making your sex more sensual.

  • Nipple clamps

Out of all our sensual parts we all have a certain body part that turns us on the most. For some it’s neck or ass. However, most of them enjoy their nipples being played with to increase the arousal. Nipple clamps are just the sex toy for you. These toys help to pump adrenaline to the most and will invigorate your horniness. These clamps come with two clips that are supposed to be clipped around your nipples and can be used by both men and women.

  • Rope bondage

It’s a rope that is used to tie your partner from whatever and whichever angle you would like. You can also use other bondage toys to help you further. However, using rope is a common technique in bondage sex. The ropes can hug your body beautifully and you can feel the sensation of these pleasurable knots around you.

Strap on toys

When we talk about couples and their sex toys, couples can be straight, bisexual, pansexual, gay and lesbian. These toys are mostly used by gay and lesbian couples. However, straight couples enjoy them too. These are belted dildos that can be worn by a partner. These can have single dildos for one person fun or both ways to provide pleasure to both the parties. They also come in vibrational form to provide more stimulation to your body. These are penetrating toys that are inserted either inside vagina or rectum of both male and female.


This is the most important product in the industry of sex toy industry. Lube is a jelly-like semi liquid solution that is applied on the men’s penis or on sex toys for easy penetration. Lubricants are best suited for anal toys. However, using them on all penetrating sex toys would be the best way to have a comfortable and pleasurable sex. Therefore, do not refrain from buying a lubricant when using sex toys or considering anal style sex.

Couple’s sex games

Sex games also known as erotic games comprise of different board and adult toys that are used in the game and then the sexual acts are performed according to the games. People love playing sex ludo, fifty shades of gray party game, drinks or hijinks and many more. They all come with dice rolls and cards. They also come with an instruction manual to guide with the game rules. This is the best way to make things fun and pleasurable at the same time.


Sexy lingerie plays a key role in arousal before beginning sex. They act like a make at home sex toy, as most of us have sexy lingerie easily available at home. It makes you look attractive and acts like an accessory. While couples might use different costume based lingerie as well. But wearing any that enhances the appearance of your body would help your partner to be turned on wildly. It’s always fun to create suspense for certain things and let your partner undress you.


There are several sex toys in India to choose from when looking as a couple. All you need to do is ask for your partner’s consent and figure out the desire you guys are craving. The best options for toys would be right in front of you. If you are a beginner, buy beginner’s toys and make yourself comfortable first. Moreover, using sex toys would only help you to take things to the next level in terms of fetish and desires. There are some people who are scared to use sex toys because they believe it might affect the orgasm with your partners. However, that is not true, you can use adult toys as a couple or as an individual for masturbation nothing would reduce the pleasure or affect the orgasm that you experience with your partner.

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