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Exploring Niche and Specialized Sex Toys in Delhi NCR

  • Exploring Niche and Specialized Sex Toys in Delhi NCR
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Adult toys industry is a large industry that’s evolving with the new technology and consumer desires. We find different types of sex toys with endless possibilities available. Some sex toys are made to fulfill basic needs and despite being basic they are still sold today because there are people who like their sex toys simple and pleasurable. Moreover, there is a separate market and demand for niche toys. Then there are people who are demanding new and innovative sex toys, these consumers are willing to explore new products. There are some people who are tech savvy and want everything to be easily operated along with innovative features. To cater the demand of such consumers we offer specialized products.

While meeting the desires of customers; sex toys are made for all genders. However , there are separate women sex toys and separate male sex toys designed to fulfill their needs respectively. Therefore, when discussing available options in specialized sex toys we would divide the toys based on gender. We would also discuss specialised sex toys that can be used as couples.

Sex toys for men

Automatic stroker masturbator


This is a reusable hands free portable stroker. It comes with adjustable size glans. It is specially designed to stimulate the frenulum for maximum ejection. The flaps come with vibration effects and fit around the penis. It has ten different vibrations to choose from according to desired movement. It is not only a masturbator but also improves endurance. All these features are benefits come in a small portable easy to use sex toy.

Spider sucker masturbator


This is a masturbator that is designed to fulfill the desire of both oral and vaginal sex. It comes with two ends each at one side. The mouth and vaginal suctions are made from super skin to give real like feel. This sex toy is designed like a cup that comes with vibrations and sounds to make the experience more realistic.

Automatic Rotating Men Masturbator

This is another example of an engineered sex toy that comes with automatic jerking and rotating functions. It is a men's masturbator that is used to masturbate without using hands. It has more movements and speeds than what we can do with our hands. It gives you the pleasure that is sensational and can make you reach your climax without getting tired.

Sex doll


These are human looking dolls designed with soft skin like material. They come with anal hole, vagina and squeezable boobs. These are designed because there are times you want to feel like having sex and your partner is not always available, with this innovation you can have sex with sex doll to fulfil your desire of having sex instead of masturbating. These sex dolls come with vagina and rectum holes that are designed to feel wet and warm while penetrating. The doll comes with dress and hair for realistic look.

Sex toys for women



This is the most desirable sex toy among women that comes in various designs to cater different feels. They come in options like G-spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator, dildo vibrator and many more.

Different sex toys have different modes and ways of vibrating depending upon the design and need. For instance a finger shaped vibrator would have different vibrations and movements compared to a dildo vibrator. Most of the vibrators now come with a heating effect to meet the body temperature of humans.

Realistic suction cup dildos


These are unique and special due to their design, they come with a suction cup at the bottom to be attached at the flat surface. The dildo is designed to be identical to a real dildo. It has real veins sculpted in its design to create similar fiction and sensation inside the vagina. You won’t need to hold a dildo and move it inside out because you can now bounce on it. It’s speciality is in creative design.

Sex machines


This is a remote controlled sex machine that can thrust more than 200 times per minute. It has a rod like structure were the dildo is attached for the action to begin. It consists of several vibrations and that can be adjusted according to the desire and pleasure needed. This might be an expensive product but it does everything for you.

Couple sex toys

Application operated

The advancement in technology has led us to the enhancement and development of sex toys industry. In this sex toys can be operated using application that can be installed in your device. Couples in long distance relationships enjoy these sex toys in their collection. This toy is used at one place and can be operated through application by anyone from any other place in the world. These toys may include butt plugs, dildo vibrators, egg vibrators, cup masturbators and many more.

These toys helped couples in long distance relationships to get orgasm through partners technically.

Cock rings


This is a unique toy that is worn by the men on their cocks. It only delays and make them last longer but also gives unique vibrations that can be enjoyed by both men on their penis and women inside their vagina. It comes with different vibrations. The main purpose of the ring is to constrict the blood flow required by the penis to stay erect. This can make last last longer and slowly improve your durability.

Anal Beads


These come with vibrating and non vibrating effects. These are highly recommended for couples who want to start including anal style into their sex life. These are different sizes of the beads that are arranged in ascending size order and can be inserted inside the rectum at your own comfort and pace. This will help you get comfortable and used to the fact of having anal sex and will help you experience sensations like never before. To make things more fun and sensual you can choose vibrating anal beads. Vibrating anal beads can hit your senses to the next level and give you unexpected pleasures.


These special sex toys are designed to cater special needs of the people. They are designed to make things easier and fun for you. All the adult toys have their own unique characteristics and speciality none can be compared to one another as each one is designed to cater specific need. Though all the sex toys are special for everyone in their own way these are the ones that come with some add on benefits for a little extra pleasure.

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