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Classic to cutting edge- evolution of Sex toys in India

  • Classic to cutting edge- evolution of Sex toys in India
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19th and 20th Century

This era brought major developments in the industry of sex toys. Several things invented in this century are still being used with only minor modifications. In 1791, a French writer Donatine Alphonso introduced the world with the concept of bondage. The toys for which are still being used such as whips and handcuffs. The first vibrator was discovered in 1800. But they were expensive and were big in size which made them difficult to carry. Then in 1971 lubricants were invented followed by the invention of silicon based dildos in 1970s. Gosnell Duscan first invented a silicon based dildo. The industry of sex toy industry has never looked back ever since.

Indian Set Toys in 21st century

This was the time when people started becoming aware and more comfortable with the idea of sex toys. They were shown in movies to normalize the concept of using toys inside your body. Major companies started to manufacture sex toys which also reduced their cost for them to be accessible to the majority of the people. Today we have toys for different genders and make sex toys and female sex toys that cater to their needs differently. We also have sex toys for couples to keep the spark alive and make sex between the couples more pleasurable.

Male Sex Toys in India

Sex Toys In India mostly consist of masturbators. These are the toys that help men to get the feeling of being inside a vagina and use the toy at their speed to reach their climax. Now we rage from small pocket masturbators to big machines and life size dolls. The evolution in male sex you know industry has helped reduce the rape cases around the world.
Physical urge for active sex life have been different in men and women scientifically since ages, sex toys often come handy in times of urgency and in privacy.

·Pocket Hand Masturbator


These are easy to carry pussy shaped masturbators. They come in different styles and are designed in a manner that gives the feeling of real wet and tight vagina. These can give you climax wherever and whenever you need. You can carry them around easily. Some of these are manual with only sensual designs to give you sensations and some come with vibration within to set up the sensations you want to experience.

·Automatic Masturbators


It is a machine based masturbator that can do the work for you. It rotates and moves in all the pleasurable angles possible for men. No need to use your hands anymore now you can get stimulating pleasure in one click of a button.

·Doll Shaped Masturbators


This is a vagina and ass designed doll, it comes with a vibrator inside and feels warm and soft like a real vagina. It not only helps to masturbate but also improves your stamina for real time.

However, when we talk about doll shaped masturbators in India there are some sex dolls that are human size dolls and have all the body parts available to play with. For men the female dolls have squeezable boobs, ass with a hole and vagina.


Women Sex Toys

Sex toys for women are developed a lot from past years and are now available to fulfill different desires. They come in range from arousal to penetration. These sex toys help achieve women’s sexual desires.


These are realistic looking silicon sex toys that are similar or identical to a real dick. They come in variations such as suction cup dildo, strap on dildo, vibrator dildo and classic dildo. All these options are made to satisfy different needs.



These are the toys that come in different designs such as finger, tongue or dildo. But all have vibrations and frequencies designed to satisfy specific pleasure. Some of them also come with heating effect to give real like feel.

Finger and tongue vibrators are mostly used as arousal toys.


Couple sex toys

These are the toys that are designed to use by a couple to enhance their sex life and spice things up between them. These are used by partners on each other to help maximize the pleasure. Sex toys used among couples have also helped to enhance a lot of relationships. There are women who have never experienced orgasm but these toys help to achieve the unachievable desires.

·Anal toys

These are the toys that are resembling dildos but are actually designed carefully to be inserted inside the rectum. They come in different styles and some of them also have a heating effect. They can be manual or remote controlled.


·Foreplay toys

These are toys used to act in a certain way during your sex, this includes a very popular style called bondage. Bondage is a style where the dominant uses toys on the submissive.

They use toys like handcuffs, whips, collars and many more to give sensual pain to the submissive partner and both get pleasure in giving and receiving that pain.



The Indian Sex toy industry is a major industry these days and is evolving rapidly due to increasing consumer demand. While we are developing in other areas and people are getting more busy in their lives at the same time the demand for sex toys is increasing with the wildest of fantasies we could imagine.This industry has come a long way from stone to silicon and would continue to evolve further.

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