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Toys On Budget- Affordable Options For Sexual Exploration

  • Toys On Budget- Affordable Options For Sexual Exploration
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Though talk about sex or use of such toys are still a taboo in our culture but there are people who are getting used to the thought of using such toys. Besides, sex is also a body requirement just like air, water and food.

Sex toys come in various varieties and prices. The range could vary from 400₹-50,000₹. But today we will talk about some affordable sex toys for people who are just entering this new world. We would discuss about sex toys based on Gender. Males and females both have different needs and there are different toys that cater those needs.

Some affordable sex toys in India are :-

Men sex toys

1. Men masturbator

These are the toys that would assist men to masturbate and reach the climax without having a partner available at all times. Sexual desires for men can arise any time and we can’t match the desire with our partners time always. These are some affordable toys that can be bought to begin with.

2. Pocket pussy hand masturbator


These are pussy shaped easy to carry pocket masturbators. It feels wet and tight like a vagina and the canal made to penetrate is ribbed to get high sensations. This product costs 1905₹ only

3. Mini cup masturbator


This is a small cup masturbator that can be used for solo fun nights. It will give you the experience of a real thing. This is made from silicon and can be used in up down direction. You can use it based on your own pace. You can manually handle it based on pleasure you want. This male masturbator costs roughly around 1587₹.

4. Tenga cup


This cup is used to give you a sucking feeling for your cock. This cup will give a pleasure of real blowjob and help you reach your climax. Some men do prefer the feeling and sensation of suction. This product is best suited for that desire. This costs around 2108₹ only for this sensual experience.

Women sex toys

For women there is a vast variety of toys available for different purposes. Starting from penetrating toys to cilantro toy and many more. We would be discussing about different toys based on budget and uses.

1. Anal toys

These are sex toys that are inserted inside the rectum. The toys are similar to dildos but are mainly made for anal sex. These are used to enhance sensation and pleasure inside the rectum.

2. Anal beads


This toy is a rope with different size of bead like balls, these balls are inserted inside the rectum to stimulate pleasure. These beads are arranged in a manner that allows you to decide your own pace.

These beads are inserted slowly and one by one inside the rectum. It would increase the sensation and sexual satisfaction.

3. Butt plugs


It appears to be a smaller version of dildo with flat back to avoid the toy from being stuck or lost inside the rectum. However, unlike dildos, butt plugs don’t move and stay at the same position. They give the feeling of fullness inside the rectum.


These come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Dildos are used for penetration of vagina or rectum. They look and feel like a real penis.

They are mostly made from silicon and come in variety of designs-

1. Strap on dildo


These are strapped around you or your partner, mostly used by couples.

2. Suction cup dildo


These can be attached to any flat surface to be able to bounce on it.

3. Vibrator dildo


These are dildos that come with vibrating effect to maximise your sensation. They look and feel like the real thing.

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