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The Safe Sex Kit

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The Safe Sex Kit

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Are ‘safe’ and ‘sexy’ words that can easily be combined? It is likely that you wanted to say no, but that will change as soon as you learn more about this Screaming O Safe Sex Kit! Since it provides you with a variety of strong sensations, all the while keeping you from any unwanted consequences, this 3-piece set is sure to blow your mind.

Screaming O’s sexiest kit consists of three individual items – a vibrating condom, a silicone vibrating ring and one of the few instructional booklets you might actually find interesting. Although it is a special kind of preservative, the vibrating condom provides the same amount of safety as any other product of that type that is available on the market. But apart from doing that, it also provides the user and their partner with waves of pleasurable vibrations throughout the act of sex itself. The cock ring is there to make the experience even more thrilling and intense. Its main purpose is to make the man last longer and offer an additional source of mind-blowing vibrations. Since it is made of super soft silicone gel, it fits most sizes and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

And if you think all that is still not enough to call this kit sexy, you might want to hear more about the instructional booklet. Instead of offering boring information on how to use the other two items, it gives you a peek into some very interesting sex positions. And now that you see how fun it is, you should definitely order the Screaming O Safe Sex Kit!


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