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Crazy Vibrating Nipple Sucker For Women
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Hand Grip Breast Enlargment Pump
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Kinklab T-Cup Nipple Suction Set
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Pumps provide exhilarating sensations to women

Pumps are gaining popularity among women day by day. Nothing is off-limits or too scary to try in the modern age when it comes to sex toys. Nowadays, men as well as women are trying to experiment with all available sex toys for a number of reasons. Some women just want to experience new erotic sensations. Some of them are tired of the traditional techniques and are looking for some modern-day fun toys. Some women want to enhance their body parts and increase their sexual appetite by using some of these products available in the market. The hand-pumping action of these toys engorges and enlarges the organ, enhancing sensitivity and providing ultimate pleasure during sex. We, at AdulproductsIndia continually work towards providing the best products to our customers. Our wide range of products caters to the sexual needs of all the women in one way or another.


Vaginal and Anal Pumps

Vaginal or pussy pumps are remarkable little sex toys that can enhance your sex life and add that new element of fun to your bedroom activities. Although they are very easy to use, first time users have been intimidated by the entire idea of these products. A lot of women are worried about the fact that their organ might suffer some permanent damage after using these products, which is absolutely not the case. Also known as clitoral or pussy pumps, these toys can change the look and feel of your vagina creating a more tightening sensation. Some of the users are appealed by the swollen, enlarged look of the vulva. Other users enjoy the sensations caused after using these products as the entire affected area feels more sensitive to touch. Men who use it on their partners are attracted to the “tighter vagina feeling”. Although they look like oxygen masks, these products have aroused instantaneous sensations in all the women who have reportedly used them. It helps arouse sexual feelings and raises sensitivity to whole new level.


The Electric Pussy vacuum Vibrating Pump is a multi-speed vibrating egg shaped product which is used via a battery operated head. The idea is to increase the blood flow around the vagina using the mixture of suction and vibration. Once you place it over your vagina and start pumping, this toy will start sucking your vagina. The vibrations emerging from the egg and the pressure from the pumping will assure you experience exhilarating orgasms. This toy needs 3 AAA-sized batteries to run which are not included with the product. This product is designed to stop applying pressure once maximum suction is achieved. This sensational sex toy is very easy to use and can add that much needed spice to your sexual life. The Silicone Anal/Vaginal Douche 310ML is a product that was specifically designed for one purpose: to maintain a hygienic and fresh smelling vagina/anus. The douche is quite easy to use and helps clean the anal cavity before and after anal sex. Made from a non-toxic silicone material, this product is 26 cm long and is extremely safe to put it inside your private parts. It comes with 8 small holes at the tip of the ejection tube to evenly distribute the water once inside. The plastic tubing can be removed from the product to maintain a clean and germ-free product.


Breast Enlargement and Vacuum Pumps

Men have always been more attracted towards women with luscious breasts. Women who are not that blessed in the boobs department have often wished for a larger pair to add that extra appeal to their body. A breast enlargement pump is a safe and effective device that is prominently used to increase the size. These products are very easy to use and have zero side effects. These products apply gentle suction to the breast tissue, resulting in increased blood flow and tissue growth. This causes the skin to stretch and makes space for new tissues to emerge and grow. Regular use results in the expansion of the mammary glands that free ups more space for new breast tissue cells. Women who have used these products for an extended period of time have had extremely positive results with their boobs growing over two sizes.


If you crave bigger and better boobs, order today!

The Breast Enlargement Pump – Large Size was designed to assist women with small/normal sized boobs to achieve more beautiful and supple breasts. The cylinder cups of the product are made of plastic and acrylic and are 10 centimeters in diameter. The product fits onto your breast easily and works by gently applying suction on the tissues. This promotes the growth of tissues and stretching of the skin, resulting in fuller and shapely breasts. This product is proof that you do not have to go undergo any surgery, eat any unnecessary pills or cause any harm to your body to increase the size of your breasts. Just exercise them with this product on a regular basis and let nature take its course. The Electric Breast Vacuum Pump is another sensational product that is guaranteed to increase your boobs by enhancing blood flow to the tissues. This product is a must have for women who cannot wait to have bigger, fuller breasts. It is also way easier to use than all the manual editions, with its battery operated mechanism capable maintaining the pressure on its own. The cup is 13.4 cm long and the overall length is 22.4 cm. The product is made of PVC and rubber and has multi-speed setting which can be adjusted according to your mood/preference. An amazing feature of the product is that it forces it to stop applying pressure when the maximum vacuum range has been reached, protecting the tissues from over expanding.


More and more women are using these products to either increase their breasts or have sensational clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Many women have experienced stimulating sensations while and after using these products as the skin becomes smooth and sensitive. Men have also had positive responses with their partners using these products. Increased breasts are an attractive bonus for every man on this planet. Subtle and gentle suction near the vaginal and anal openings makes the skin softer and plumper, resulting in a tightening sensation that men crave so much.


What are you waiting for? Order your pump today!


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