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Flirty Finger - Tingle Bunny Pink

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Flirty Finger - Tingle Bunny Pink

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Add a dash of playfulness to your evenings with this pink Flirty Finger Tingle Bunny. This innovative product will make it a lot easier for you to build up to an amazing orgasm, all the while being comfortable and safe to use!

A vibrating ring can be a lady’s best friend, especially if it packs a punch. This particular product is equipped with a petite, and yet powerful motor that will make you tingle head to toe. It is cleverly designed to reach more than one sweet spot at once – the cute little rabbit’s nose can stimulate your labia while its ears stroke your clitoris, or the other way around. Either way, you won’t be lacking exciting stimulation!

This adult novelty product can be used by ladies when they are up for some solo fun, but it can also be a great way to intensify pleasure during sex. Since it is completely waterproof, it is appropriate for use while showering or taking a bath as well. So if you want to treat your partner to a completely different sexual experience, draw them a bath and enjoy the vibrations together!

The materials used in the production of this sex toy are phthalate-free and contain no toxins. Sturdy ABS plastic and medical-grade silicone make it safe to use on your sensitive areas, and its pink shade is simply irresistible. With its smooth surface, this Flirty Finger Tingle Bunny provides the gentlest touch, which is yet another reason why you should definitely try it out!
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