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Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit Vibrator - An All -Time Sex Toy Star

Get bunny love with Rabbit Vibrators!

The sex toy industry has evolved throughout the time, and due to increasing demands on new toys for better and different experiences, new and more innovative products have been brought into the market. One of these innovative toys have been the Rabbit Vibrators, also known as the Jack Rabbit or the Jessica Rabbit. These love toys have captivated audiences all around the world due to its unique design that offers simultaneous internal and external stimulation that gives more intense orgasms than the traditional dildos or clitoral stimulators alone.

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What makes this sex toy so special? Curious? Let us tell you…

It looks like a rabbit…it feels like the best lover ever…

The rabbit vibrator is an adult toy with a dual function: clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation. It consists of a shaft with a phallus shape plus a clitoral stimulator. Actually the rabbit name comes from the shape of the clitoral stimulator that looks like rabbit ears. Many of these actually do have the shape of a rabbit head. In addition, some models provide shafts that vibrate and/or rotate, which improves and offers a deep “all around” vaginal stimulation, while providing vibrations to arouse the clitoris – All these at the same time!

This dual action feature has made of this toy one of the best-selling erotic toys of this industry. However, this vibrator has evolved through the years to satisfy more demanding customers and reach a wider market with new introductions that do not have the phallic shape. The shaft and the bunny have evolved into different forms, shapes and sizes. So, imagine the range of possibilities and all the intense sensations that each of the different types of toys provide.You will go to heaven and back every time you play with it.

Which of the Rabbit Vibrators will be the best fit for you?

Within our website, you will find a variety of Rabbit Vibrators regarding models and styles. Which one is the best for you? It will depend on your preferences and what best fits you. This adult product is made to please, regardless of your preferences

Today many vibrators come in different materials. Most commonly, they are made of jelly like or rubber like materials; more recently other materials have become more popular such as silicone or latex materials. Some others are made out of vinyl, plastic, metal or elastomer materials. Check out all the types of materials to see which one you prefer, all are intended to provide a smooth and firm texture for your delight. You may also find some models that can be submerged into water, if you are into underwater pleasure. We are sure that there is one Rabbit that meets up with the most demanding preferences.

It is important to take into consideration that porous materials such as rubber may be less hygienic than the silicone editions that are non-porous and tend to be easier to clean; as well. Some jelly rubber types must be used with condoms. Obviously, when sharing any of your toys we always advise to use it combined with a condom. In any case, we recommend the use of a lubricant to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant friction, discomfort or irritation. One advantage that we find on the use of lubricants, is the option of choosing one with pleasurable scents that will boost your experience.

Rabbit Vibrators come in many forms

The shapes and sizes of the shafts of these little stimulators can also vary a lot. Many come as a simple and explicit dildo shape. Some dildo shaped editions may have in addition rotating shafts, gyrating beads, and/or thrusting tips, especially made to give you a comprehensive stimulus. Some others may come with less explicit, but more delicate phallus shapes, and some even with a small curve to enhance g-spot stimulation; lengths and diameters of the shafts will also vary. Most of these will come with silent motors of different intensities and frequencies for you to choose from.

Take a close look at their specifications and references so you can better decide on the one that will best meet your deepest desires. Keep in mind that in order to feel the simultaneous clitoral stimulation, you will need to have the shaft all the way in, so ensure to choose the most comfortable size and shape for you. The type of experience and sensation you are looking for and that you will enjoy most, is up to your good choice.

While most of the clitoral stimulators of the Rabbit Vibrators look like the head of a bunny most of the times, some of them have also evolved into other shapes that tend to be simpler and not as explicit; some may even come with one or two “ears”.

Most of the rabbit vibrators come with separate vibrating controls, one for the shaft and one for the rabbit. This control will be your best friend at choosing frequencies, directions, intensities and escalating type vibrations for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The use of it will be up to you; try to start with one speed and type of vibration that makes you most comfortable, and if you want to become even more aroused and augment your experience, go and play along until you find what makes you cum and demand for more!

All these varieties on the shafts, the clitoral vibrators and the motors have allowed for more women to explore their preferences and find that special one that will satisfy all her desires.

What can you expect from the bunny?

Lots of bunny love: tons of pleasure and orgasms that are out of this world. No wonder why this erotic toy is a best-seller, with continuous evolution that attracts more and more women with most demanding requisites.

The experience is up to you. You can use it alone or with you partner. Whatever the case, we guarantee you will have the most satisfying and intense erotic experience. Simultaneously you will be stimulated in 2 of the most erogenous and sensitive areas of your body that will bring you sensations that will make you experience multiple orgasms…what an awesome and heavenly experience!

We invite you to look at our variety of rabbit vibrators. Look at the specifications and reviews to find out what will satisfy your wishes. Even if you are a new user or you want to try something new and different, we know you will be satisfied and this toy will be your best friend for life.

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