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Everything You Need to Know About Condoms


But were afraid to ask


Unfortunately, this fear has actually led to some people in India believing some pretty incredible myths about condoms and their proper use. Don’t be fooled by what you hear from your cousin’s, brother’s, neighbour - Using the right protection during sex, and various sex acts can not only prevent things like unwanted pregnancy and pesky STIs, they may also help save your life. 


Condoms protect against more than just your standard chlamydia infection and keep you or your partner from becoming pregnant. They can help reduce the risk of life-altering diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, and even Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can keep you from being able to get pregnant later in life. Condoms are ideal for both penetrative and oral sex. So stay with us while we dispel the three most common myths about this product and how to use it. 


Condom Myths 

No need for protection as long as it’s just oral or anal




Choosing to use condoms during oral sex (this includes male or female oral) can keep your talkbox safe and sound, while still providing pleasure to your partner. Have you ever heard of oral gonorrhea? Well- it exists, it’s terrible, and it’s totally preventable. 


Anal sex is perhaps the best time to consider adequate protection. Because the rectum and anus don’t self lubricate, and because the tissues are so fragile, they’re far more prone to small rips and tears than any other orifice on the body- which means that you and your partner are that much more exposed to infections and disease. As an added bonus, most people report higher levels of comfort when engaging in anal sex with a condom. So wrap it before you tap it. 


I can’t use condoms because I’m allergic to latex.”




Condoms are made out of any number of novel materials nowadays. In fact, some condoms are even washable and reusable for our environmentally conscious friends. Polyisoprene, polyurethane, silicone, and other condom ready materials can all provide excellent protection without the use of latex. 


“But condoms are uncomfortable and I can’t feel anything.”




Sorry, but no dice here. Again exploring different types of condoms may help improve sensation. Some are even designed to sustain performance. Pair them with some sensational sensitizing lubes and everyone will have a good time. Keeping everyone safe, healthy, and happy. Ultimately, if your partner isn’t comfortable having sex with a condom on- we have an excellent selection of male masturbators that they can enjoy. 


Different Types of Condoms 


Thanks to you, the people of India, sex toys in India and their availability in our country have flourished! Now there are loads of different types available for a variety of sex acts, sizes, preferences, shapes, purposes, colours, and even tastes! Grab a variety and enjoy testing out each and every one of them. 


Sensational Condoms 

Dotted, ribbed, studded… these sensational condoms are specially designed to provide extra sensation for both partners. Each added ridge, dot, or spike is designed to give you an extra little boost in the “, whoa that feels so much better than I thought” department. 


Specialty Lubed Condoms 

Speciality lubes are meant to increase, or in some cases decrease, the sensation that partners experience. Trojan’s Fire and Ice condom is a perfect example of this- coated with a special warming lube inside and out. Putting a bit of pep in both of your steps. 


Coloured and Flavored Condoms

While they may not really serve any purpose outside of looking really cool and making giving head a much more enjoyable experience- coloured and flavoured condoms are just fun to have around. From classic strawberry flavour and neon colours, you can even find glow-in-the-dark ones! Party on. 


 Playgard Condoms 

India’s own condom, Playguard offers all of the protection and quality you could want from a condom- but they’re produced right here in India. Our range of Playgard condoms come in a wide variety of fun and funky flavours, like Chocolate, Orange, and Strawberry. Yummy! 


Durex Condoms

Perhaps one of the most recognizable and reliable brands the world over, Durex condoms are known for their durability and security. On top of being a top choice worldwide, Durex also offers a number of textures, shapes, flavours and colours. So the only difficult part about choosing Durex is deciding just which type you’ll go with!

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