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B Swish - Bsoft Massager Burgundy Pink

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B Swish - Bsoft Massager Burgundy Pink

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There’s nothing as calming as the feel of a lover’s warm, oiled hands gliding and sliding over your body, gently working the knots out of your muscles, slowly relieving your tension. The easy, smooth motion of their hands on you, is not only relaxing, it’s sensual and erotic. With the B Swish Bsoft Massager, you get the same smooth, soft, lifelike feeling you would from a lover. You choose where you want it to go, which parts of your body you need tension relieved from and you can slowly-or quickly-eradicate it.

With seven different speeds, you can practically choose your pleasure, and with the rechargeable feature, the Bsoft Massager can go on and on until you’re absolutely sated. Made with a 100% ABS plastic and silicone, this baby was born to smooth over every curve, bump, and groove of your body, gently and pleasurably massaging you to ecstasy. It’s streamlined to fit your body as best as possible and you can use the massager with or without its vibration for different experiences, both pleasurable.

12.06 centimeters long, 15.24 centimeters wide and 5.3 centimeters around, the B Swish Bsoft Massager was made to fit into the palm of your hand as you move it across your body, showing it all your pleasure zones. With its rounded sides and smooth curves, this massager was designed with your pleasure in mind. Sit back, relax, and let orgasm after orgasm wash over your body.
Enjoy the pleasure of a lover’s hands on you with the B Swish Bsoft Massager. Try our Moist Body Lotion with it for easier gliding, smoother massages and heightened senses to strengthen your orgasms.


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