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Tenga Flip Hole - White

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Tenga Flip Hole - White

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The Tenga Flip Hole – White is yet another color option decorating one of the very best sex sleeves the Tenga Brand. All over the world customers have a great affinity for this sleeve like those India. The subtlety of the design is more than innovative it is incredibly erotic how the hard clamshell outside cleverly conceals the soft, supple well textured silicone inside that guarantees an orgasm with every use. This sex sleeve is so much easier to clean, maintain, and inconspicuously store that it is an essential masturbator.

This masturbator will open up completely, making cleaning up after use much quicker, easier and more thorough as well as allowing the sleeve to dry completely making it the ideal reusable masturbation sleeve. It can even be used with a variety of personal lubricants. This sex sleeve is designed brilliantly in that it can comfortably accommodate a penis of average penis size as easily as a large penis thatnks to the expandable mid section. Each individual centimeter of your penis will be erotically teased and tantalize, from the very sensitive tip of the penis all the way up to the balls. Included in the package with many Tenga products is usually a few miniature versions their great lotions. The three different lotions included are named “real”, “mild”, and “wild” to allow for an even more personal experience.

We strive to obtain absolute customer satisfaction and regularly receive fantastic reviews from our customers worldwide, including India. After ordering with us, we will take very special care in getting you your products. After receiving the Tenga Flip Hole –White, don’t hesitate to come back and leave us your opinion in the form of a review!

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