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Silicone Anal / Vagina Douche 310ml

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Silicone Anal / Vagina Douche 310ml

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Perfecf for anal cleaning
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For women who enjoys sex, and would like to maintain a clean and fresh smelling vagina, regular use of the Silicone Anal / Vagina Douche is a recommended part of their daily regimen. It is an easy to use cleaning system. The douche can also be used to clean out the anal cavity before and after anal sex for the purpose of pleasure and hygiene. The product is 26 cm long and made from a non-toxic silicone material that is safe to put inside your most private parts. It has 8 small holes at the tip of the ejection tube which allows the even distribution of water. The plastic tubing can be removed and washed to ensure that it’s kept clean and germ-free.

During sex, a man’s semen stays inside the anus or vagina for a period of time. The smallest wounds in these parts can easily turn into a mild irritation which can cause a strong foul smell. This is a sure deterrent to pleasurable love making! It is wise to keep the private parts clean, especially if you have an active sex life. This is not only for your own personal hygiene but for the pleasure of your partner.

Just put water or a mix of water and your favorite vaginal wash, and insert the plastic tube in your vagina or anus. Squeeze until the liquid content is dispersed. Since the plastic tubing is pliable, it is not painful and will flex even if your vaginal muscles contract – and can be angled so you can easily reach your anal cavity. This can be done once a day, or as often as you think it’s necessary. The Silicone Anal / Vagina Douche has no harmful side effect and will give you that fresh and confident feeling of being thoroughly clean! And ready for your next adventure!


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