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Sailor Bikini

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The 4 Piece Sailor Bikini Party Suit is perfect for a fun night of indoor role play any time. The stunning design says sexy sailor aboard from the crisp white cap to the blue and white shorts. The sailor cap is immediately recognizable as are the remaining elements of this dress up themed party suit. The design is stunning and obvious without losing a single ounce of sexy. The red necktie is the perfect accessory to draw attention to the breasts being supported in the blue bikini top with blue spaghetti straps, white fold over lapels, a set of white tie back laces and red lacing in the center that matches the necktie perfectly and ends in a perfectly adorable bow. The cheeky shorts have a white panel with decorative blue buttons and red laces that again match the laces in the center of the bikini top and the necktie tying the whole costume perfectly together. The blue back flap has white contrast stitching to accentuate the sailor image.

This costume is made from high quality nylon and spandex that allows for the costume to perfectly meld and fit your natural curves for the ultimate sexy dress up game.

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