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ProExtender - Penis Extender 4 Rods

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ProExtender - Penis Extender 4 Rods

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The ProExtender – Penis Extender 4 Rods is designed to noticeably and permanently extend the length of your penis. Many of our worldwide customers including those from India have reported excellent visible results and have also provided this product with great reviews. This particular Penis Extender is will definitely increase the length of your penis through the use of gentle traction to the penis that really is not the least bit harmful and is truly painless. While the terms “non-harmful” and “painless” may seem a bit unlikely when accompanying the term “traction” especially considering this is in reference to the penis, the process really is painless though results do require patience.

This length extending device fastens onto the base of the penis and around the head of the penis as well. The traction apparatus is fully adjustable and sits in between the places where the device fastens onto the penis. Increasing the length of the penis is done scientifically, by gradually increasing the amount of longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis with the apparatus. As it is the body's natural reaction to this longitudinal force that causes your length to increase, you can trust that it will reliably work for you.

Basically your penis will gradually and most importantly - naturally add tissue to the penis. You will be able to enjoy a longer and thicker penis thanks to this extender. The manual that is included has instructions written in both English and Chinese. Once you know that the ProExtender – Penis Extender 4 Rods is what you want, order it here and we will ship it to you fast, quick and free to anywhere in the world including India.


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