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Floral Chemise V Red
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Floral Chemise H Black
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Flower Chemise Solid Red
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Are you ready to excite your lover in these chemises that look as sweet as sugar? These ultra seductive items push the boundaries of sexy. When you decide to wear one of our ravishing styles, you get swept away into a fantastic world of passion and lust.You might just want to ask any male friend what he finds more attractive: a woman in baggy pajamas, or a woman wearing sexy lingerie showing off her curves in the most erotic way? One more reason to turn up the heat in winter.


Beauty comes from the inside out. However what you’re wearing on the outside is also very important. But, the lingerie you’re wearing under your clothing is what makes the difference. May it be day or night, this piece of lingerie will make you look and feel your best. If you consider yourself a woman who loves beauty and sexy lingerie then yes, you need to have one in your wardrobe and yes you need to wear it as often as possible so this way you make sure the magic happens.


It was first worn in the Middle Ages with the purpose to protect outer clothing and it came into fashion thanks to the the lavish and opulent style of Marie Antoinette, a 1700s’ trendsetter. So, it has been around for centuries and it was considered flirty even in its simplest design. Nowadays  it has changed into a revealing, body-embracing negligee that offers another luscious touch of sexy to your seductive attitude.


Chemises are undergarments or soft pieces of lingerie that contour the silhouette, hugging and highlighting the curves. They are the perfect choice for a woman who desires something sexy and appealing but tighter at the hips. They effortlessly transform your body by creating an alluring shape.



Chemises are an excellent choice when you want to add comfort under a dress during the day or it can be a relaxing option during the night as well. These short, sleeveless dresses are the perfect match for all sorts of special occasions, be those intimate nights or sexy photo shoots.

When you’re getting ready for your workday, feel free to try a different approach and make a bald choice when it comes to your chemise. Choose a black color one to wear under a dress to boost your confidence whenever you have a presentation or a business meeting. The black ones are good to keep you comfortable, knowing you have everything you need for solving the tasks..


After the meetings are over, you might want to spice up your day with a flirtier one. It might be a date night or just a dinner out with friends, opt for an undergarment with bright patterns and bold colours. Some of our most popular items in this category are the sexy, see-through ones. These are designed with soft materials thus creating a tempting style that leaves little to the imagination.


When you’re finally home, done with the day, you may also wish to use it as a nightgown. This way you’ll stay comfy and cool, still feeling and looking feminine.  In the end, it is all down to personal taste, whether it’s a sexy or a more gentle and subtle one.


On a more general level, the chemise is still used as nightwear or underwear but many women decided to spice things up a little and use them as dresses for their nights out, matching them with blouses or other clothing items. So this also makes it the perfect nightie or dress for taking on holiday when you want to consider minimum luggage.



 With its soft and natural fabrics they are made to flatter your curves where you have them and to create the illusion of the curves where you don’t! The beautiful designs are placed to do just that, so we hope you will love them as much as we do!

The items we feature on our website are made for every body shape and every sense of style. Whether you’re looking for glamour and elegance or you are just in the mood for a flirty style, you have a variety you can choose from. You can go for a “ sinful” black one to a pretty pastel one, depending on your taste.

You’ve finally decided to show your daring attitude? Be sure to choose one with an open bust and sexy details and his eyes will be all over your beautiful body. Or you might go for a more edgy and provocative one. These are essential additions to a lingerie collection. Spicing up the bedroom also means sexy lingerie, and wearing a chemise is most of the times a fun way to start the game of seduction.



When it comes to buying gifts for our other half or why not for our best friend, we are usually confronted with a difficult decision. Buying a chemise for your lover is both a safe and sexy option, and when you come to think about it, this gift benefits you both. If she’s for your best friend, she will definitely feel your appreciation. With so many options to choose from, there is no chance you won’t find the perfect fit!


So, if you’re looking for the perfect lingerie for you, you’ve come to the right place. Not only that but we also offer a wide variety of babydoll dresses and sexy wear for your next sultry rendezvous. Don’t forget to explore our complete collection and find beautiful designs that fit your taste for style.

No matter what you choose, spicy and flirty or sexy, exotic, it’s all there to help you unleash your sexy side! Whether you feel cute or seductive, playful and lighthearted our aim is for you to enjoy yourself in a tasteful style, round the clock! Daytime or nighttime, inside or out - a chemise has it all!


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