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Bras and panties: why you should want to buy something sexy


Let’s face it, men are visual creatures and most guys like sexy, lacy and skin-baring lingerie. The more it looks like something they might see a pornstar wear, or a Victoria’s Secret model, the more they will want you to wear it. That doesn’t mean, however, that the bras and panties that you buy should be bought only for him. No, buying sexy lingerie is something you should do for yourself too. Maybe even more for you than for your partner. Buying and wearing a new set of intimates will not only boost your sex life and please your man, it will also make you feel sexy and confident, as sex appeal and confidence go hand in hand.


What and how to buy: a short guide


The world of lingerie is coming out of the taboo, though still women are not really supposed to be openly talking about wanting to buy something sexy and to spend a large amount of money on bras and panties. Good and useful information may be hard to find, that is why we will help you venture into the intriguing world of sexy lingerie buy providing you with some tips and information.


The first step to buying something special that will sweep your guy and yourself of your feet is knowing your size. The best way to know what size to get is going to a local boutique to consult an expert. Fit experts will help you find styles and sizes that fit well and will look great on you. If you try to find something on your own, then note that it is important is that you buy something that you feel comfortable in. The best pieces are those that make you feel good and boost confidence. So don’t buy something that is too tight and that makes you feel like you’ve been squished into or something that is too big for you. If you are shopping for a bra make sure that there’s no gaping at the cup. Also, as the majority of support comes from the band, make sure that the band is snug against your back. You won’t look like a sex goddess if you don’t feel like one.


When you know which size to get you can go and set out to buy what you want. Purchasing your lingerie online is a lot easier once you know your size and fit well. Buying a sexy bra or some nice panties can be hard and it can make you feel uncomfortable, but we recommend you to try to be open-minded. Trying out different things is the best way to find out if black and lacy is for you or that something else might suit you better. And while you are at it, remember to have fun. While you are shopping for lingerie you get to play out all those sexy fantasies that so far have only existed in your head. So be bold and don’t limit yourself.


If you are looking for something to please your guy, but you are not sure what to get, the safest choice will be black. Black is a sexy and classy color, and also the most flattering. It looks good on anyone.  A second choice would be red. Go for something seductive. In terms of material, the majority of the guys prefer lace for intimate wear. Sheer and satin are good options too. You might want to take a look at this Rene Rofe Lace & Mesh Bra, Garter & G-String set. A gorgeous, seductively dark set from Rene Rofe which is super sexy, and is sure to instantly captivate your object of desire. You could also consider a sheer camisole or a lacy bra.  If you want to go a bit more rogue you could opt for leather, but this might not be favored by all.  Then again, it is the ideal “fetish” material, just like latex.  Also, consider the curve. Guys like cleavage and a push up bra is the answer. However, if you have a very small bust you might want to consider a bralette instead. In terms of panties, it is undeniable that thongs are one of the most popular sexy lingerie options. Tangas or boy shorts could be considered too. Whatever piece you choose, make sure you stick to simplicity. You don’t want to have your man fumbling around your intimate wear as if they were a rubix cube. And last but least, keep in mind that less is more: the lesser the coverage. the better.  So if you are feeling really bold try some crotchless panties like the Rene Rofe Crotchless Lace Thong with Bows, they are the most provocative type of intimates you will find, or put on a garter and don’t wear any panties at all. Garters can look even hotter just on their own.


If you are worried about size and fit when buying online, note that you can always return your lingerie when the size and fit is not right for you. We absolutely want you to be happy with your purchases and feel confident so we will go the extra mile to make sure you get to feel great when you look at yourself in the mirror. Buying lingerie online has the advantage of total privacy and anonimity and obviously saves you a lot of time.


Something extra …


We have provided you with some basic information and tips regarding buying bras and panties to spice up your sexlife and feel like a sexy vixen. However, if you are looking for something extra we’d suggest you to take a look at the vibrating panties that we offer in our online store, like the Doc Johnson Black Rose Secret Garden vibrating panties. The vibrating panties come with a remote controller and are therefore great for rekindling romances or as a means of hands-free power play between partners. They are discreet enough to be used in public or any other time you desire.

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