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Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel

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Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel

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This is hot item with your very hot girlfriend.
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There are many products that help you last longer in bed, but some of them are better than others. If you are looking for the best, you are going to love this Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel! Designed with both his and her pleasure in mind, this highly functional adult novelty product allows the man to show his true potential and the woman to enjoy the results.

Brought to you by Kama Sutra, a company that specializes in providing its customers with the means for realizing their innermost desires, this unusual item is capable of bringing joy to both parties. The gel’s formula has been developed to allow him to postpone his orgasms and thus make sex more enjoyable for his partner. One of its active ingredients is called benzocaine, a substance that is known for being of great help in preventing premature ejaculation. The gel is very easy to use; you only need to apply it to your penis and wait for the tingling sensation that tells you that the formula has started working. Once this has happened, you can expect your stamina to increase and your genital area to be able to withstand sexual stimulation for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, your lucky partner will be at the same time pleasantly surprised and feeling a higher level of pleasure.

Since the ingredients have been carefully chosen and the formula developed by experts, this Kama Sutra Desensitizing Gel is perfectly harmless to your body. You will be able to use it whenever you feel the need to impress and satisfy your partner, so why not start right away?


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