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Maxman Prolonging Delay Spray
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Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her
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Chocolate Fantasy Body Paint
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ON Libido Cream
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Sex Enhancers prove extremely effective in the bedroom!

Sex Enhancers often come in the form of lubricants and lotions that have been used by human beings for centuries to improve their love lives. These substances are specifically designed to add that extra spice into the bedroom with a lot of different options available for anything you might have in mind. From desensitising creams and sprays for men to vaginal tightening gels for women, from nipple nibblers to oral sex sprays, from lip fetish gloss to a sexy sampler with five exciting products included by Kama Sutra. We at AdultProductsIndia have everything you need to up the ante in your bedroom. Everyone faces a little dry spell in life when you feel that your libido is decreasing. Your increasing age, your physical and mental stress or the way you feel about your long-term partner can all cause you to experience a lack of sexual interest. Whether you are a man or woman, there will come a time when you will feel the need to explore your options and try out new product available in the market.


Sex enhancers have been used for ages by men and women in the form of special oils and lotions to bring back the excitement into their love lives. Although there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding these products, people who have used these lubes and lubricants before can’t stop raving about them. Men have experienced increased stimulation and a longer and enhanced erection after using certain lubes and desensitising creams and lotions while women have gotten their libido back after using certain tingling gels and lubricants that reduce vaginal dryness and increase sensations. People who have used these sensational items in the past have reported heightened sexual sensations and experienced mind blowing orgasms. A lot of people hold certain misconceptions about using lubes. Some think they are meant to be used by older people, for anal sex or by females who are experiencing vaginal dryness. Although lubes can help you in all these circumstances, everyone should try introducing a lube or two into their love lives because the experience is bound to blow your mind. Young women, who have experienced no vaginal dryness issues, have also experienced scintillating orgasms after applying lubricants and gels while making love to their partner. Whether you are straight or gay, whether you are looking to indulge in anal, oral or vaginal sex, whether you are just looking to rub one off at home, we have something to offer to each and every one of you.


Sex Enhancers are available in various forms, flavours and scents

At AdultProductsIndia, we strive to get you the best products available in the market to boost your love life. It is important to choose the right lubrication for yourself depending upon your past experience with lubes. Let us take a look at some of the highlights from our extensive sex enhancer collection:


  • The Kama Sutra Sexy Sampler is a sensual collection of 5 assorted merchandises specifically designed to arouse and enhance your sexual life. This sampler kit is created for the daring lovers who are not shy to experience the many pleasures found from Kama Sutra’s most popular products. This collection includes 5 0.25 fl oz bottles of a Coconut Pineapple Massage Oil, a Pleasure Balm in Spearmint, a Pleasure Potion Silicone Lubricant, an Oil of Love in Raspberry Kiss and an Intensity plus Warming Female Arousal Gel.
  • Luz De LA Riva Lulu 24K Edible Massage Oil is a sensational massage oil that tastes and feels luxurious and is now being offered in the new 34K gold version. Gold has been regarded as a symbol of power, perfection and luxury and thus there is no better product to use with your loved one. This oil is extensively created to spice up your bedroom life adding a touch of royalty to your love making sessions Not only will you be shining on the outside, but the gold makes it sure you are shining on the inside as well. This oil, including the gold flakes, is completely edible and hence complements oral and anal sex.
  • The Liquid Virgin Tightening Lubricant is the one of the most popular sex enhancers available in the market. Specifically designed to revamp your sexual life, Liquid Virgin will make all your intimate nights with your partner unforgettable. The liquid is known to create a tight, wet feeling when applied directly to your vagina, resulting in extra sensation for you and your partner. The water-soluble formula behind this intense liquid is created to be moisturizing, non-sticky and comes with a pleasing and arousing strawberry scent. This extended pleasure in a bottle will leave you gasping for more and exploding in ecstasy.
  • Nipple Nibblers Wild Raspberry is a unique, tingly and glossy treat from the famed producer Jelique and is regarded as one of the best available sex enhancers. This silky balm glides smoothly on and around your erogenous zones and creates an exciting and cool stimulating effect. You can either apply to your lips before kissing your partner while it can be massaged directly on to the nipples, nape of the neck, clitoris or the tip of the penis to enhance sensation. Using this intense balm and your soft, caress touches, you can tease and play with your partner until they are fully aroused to result in maximum satisfaction and enhanced orgasms.
  • Max Head Flavoured Oral Sex Gel is a unique sex enhancer created for the sake of improving the oral sexual experience for both the partners. Created with lubricious ingredients to produce a smooth and satisfying sensation, this item will make giving and receiving oral sex extremely more pleasurable for both the partners. The honey extract helps the gel provide a moisturizing and skin softening effect and is flavoured to provide you with the maximum pleasure. Whether you are gay or straight, this product is bound to enhance oral sex for you and your partner.

Sex enhancers are being increasingly used all over the world as more and more people come to known about the extensive advantages of using such products. These lubes and lotions make sure you are always completely lubricated and hence protect you and your partner from any injuries. They are also known to increase the sexual pleasure manifold and are extremely safe to use. So, delay, find your favourite sex enhancer today!



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