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Have some extra fun with these erotic games!

In the recent years, the world has seen a lot of innovations that have made our lives easier. Increased use of highly competent electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and computers has created an entirely digital entity and a new form of online marketplace. Every product is now available to people living in the farthest corners of the world because of this global digital market.


The sex toy market has followed suit and has developed at a tremendous rate. A lot of new companies have been established in the recent years with the aim to produce the best sex toys on the market. This has given birth to a competitive market with tons of options available to scratch that special itch. A lot of interesting sex toys have hit the shelves and customers now have a wide variety to choose from.


Here at AdultProductsIndia, we try to bring the best sex toys available in the global market and ship them directly to your house in India in a discreet, safe package. The ‘Extra Fun’ section of our website is solely dedicated to helping you find the snazziest of erotic games and sex toys out there. Some of the products under this section are seductively sexy while some have the capacity to induce a laugh riot. It is ultimately your choice as to decide which product fulfills your desire in an optimal manner.


Don’t be scared to get a little dirty!

One of the major motives behind creating erotic games for couples or fun, naughty games for parties was to inspire people to bring out their wild side out in the open. It creates a safe place for people to fully express themselves and have a laugh while they are at it. If you feel that you can use a little bit more naughty for a house party bedroom shenanigans, you will definitely find a fun product that caters to all kinds of situations. Let us now discuss the different types of these ‘extra fun’ erotic games.


Card-based Games

Playing a card game with your family/friends is one of the oldest pastimes of human beings. We have a lot of erotic and funny options in the card-based games department in this section. Some of these games are meant to be played by couples who wish to try different things in the bedroom and bring back the excitement into their selfie while others are designed to be played by a group of people who wish to indulge in some open-minded and(,) naughty fun.


For example, the Bedroom Commands Card Game is a brilliant, seductive adult game for couples who wish to loosen up a bit by leaving everything to fate. The game contains two decks of naughty commands – one for him (Dirty Daddy) and one for her (Sexy Bitch). Some of these cards offer funny and sexy advice while other cards offer unique suggestions which will help you learn more about your partner and what they like/dislike in bed.


Another example is the Fail Party Card Game from Kheper Games, a game that is supposed to be played by multiple players. One of the players starts by reading one of the four category cards, (Mis)Leading Questions, (I’m)Personal Trivia, Trivial Abandonment, or Bad-Libs. All the other players are supposed to discreetly submit their most awful responses and the reader chooses the answer that FAILS the most. This is an actual game that awards players for giving the most epic wrong answers.



Board-based Games

Board games like Monopoly, Chess, and Backgammon have played for ages and are still a relatively major part of the modern day life. Our board-based games section has a huge variety of sexy and funny options that might help you save your party. Some of these board games are meant to be played by a romantic couple to bring back that spark in their relationship while some are meant to be played with a group of friends for a fun-filled evening.


The Dirty Minds – The Game For Naughty Clues, for example, is also known as the “the world’s cleanest dirty game” because even though it brings out everyone’s dirty sides into the game, eventually the person with the cleanest answer wins the rounds. The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing this amazing game because all the answers are completely clean. This game is supposed to be played by 2 or more players and will provide you hours of laughter as seemingly raunchy clues point towards the most innocent of answers.


Although at first it was designed to be played by a couple, Kheper Games – Erotic Adventure is an erotic and exotic game for two or more players. This unique game merges adventure and seduction together in an optimal manner and ensures everyone involved experiences a night to remember. Are you searching for a naughty game to spice up your sex life as a couple or a naughty game to play with some of your open-minded, adventurous friends?


Edible Thongs

More and more edible sex toys are now commonly used and they present a unique way of expanding your sexual horizons. Although these products are designed to look like a normal underwear the only difference is that they are completely edible.


For example, Chocolate Thong For Him is a sneaky edible chocolate flavored thong that is meant to be worn by guys and their partners to eat away. This brilliant heart-shaped chocolate thong will heighten your sexual experience. Your partner will enjoy nibbling on the most sensitive area of your body. The Belgian Milk Chocolate will taste like the best dessert they have ever tasted and each lick will leave (have) you brimming with pleasure.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party themed sets

The ‘Extra Fun’ section of our website features a lot of options for people who are searching for naughty items for a bachelor/bachelorette party. From party dices to penis-shaped balloons and other decorations, from a penis inspired ice tray to big bad ass drinking game sets, you will find everything you will need to throw/host the best party ever.


All in all, if you are searching for some new experiences with your partner or your friends, head on over to the ‘Extra Fun’ section of our website. With a lot of funny, erotic and interesting products on offer, there is something for all your weird sex-related requirement. 


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