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Edible Thong

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Edible Thong is a brilliant chocolate and strawberry flavoured thong that will heighten your sexual experience along with your taste buds. It is an innovative and sneaky edible chocolate flavoured thong meant to be worn by girls and their partners to eat away. It is a special thong designed for the chocolate lovers.

Chocolate and sex have never gone together so beautifully. Your partner won’t be able to resist the temptation of going down on you and eating that chocolate of your clitoris. This chocolate thong is entirely chocolate so you have to super careful when you are wearing it. Once she puts it on, her body temperature will start to melt the chocolate little by little. This is your cue to lick and eat away the chocolate off and around her clitoris and vagina while you watch her bask in erotic glory. You can lick some of it off and then kiss her on the lips to give her a taste of the delicious chocolate. After a little while the chocolate will disappear and you will start licking and playing with her clitoris. Watch her twitch and twirl as you hit the right spots with your tongue and lips.

The Edible Thong is a strawberry and chocolate flavoured edible thong that will put your lover’s mouth right where you want it. You can gift this chocolate thong to your partner on a special occasion or save the erotic clitoral stimulation as a birthday surprise.


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