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Booty Parlor Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold

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Booty Parlor Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold

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Booty Parlor Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold is the ultimate luxurious silk blindfold that lets you explore role-play sex or bondage sex with comfort and elegance. The blindfold has two different sides to it, good girl or bad girl, and you can choose whatever side the situation calls out for.

You can add a sensual surprise to all your kinky ideas in the bedroom by experimenting with blindfolds. Blindfolding your partner produces a thrill like none other as it leaves you in charge of the whole situation, giving you full freedom to try out all your naughty experiments. If you are the one getting blindfolded, prepared to be amazed as you are about to experience some of the most stimulating sensations. With your sense of sight temporarily missing, all your other senses are enhanced and you can feel each thrust, each caress from your partner. It puts you on an edge like never before and gives you an amazing rush of adrenaline. Booty Parlor Good Girl Bad Girl Blindfold is the easiest way to enhance your sex life. While it removes your partner’s sense of sight, it gives the freedom to explore all their other senses like smell, taste touch and hearing more than ever.

The soft, smooth feel of the blindfold ensures you are comfortable while your partner teases and caresses you. The full size of the eye mask makes it a great sleeping mask as well. The product ships with a beautiful box that features a little drawer for the blindfolds.


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