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Baby Glass Eggplant

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Baby Glass Eggplant

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The shape and color is exactly same as depicted in pics but the thickness is not that much. It is, in fact, bit on the sleek side. The heaviness is ok. But length is also on the shorter side. We have tried with cold water, no problem faced yet. But needs to be used with utmost care as it is heavy and glass. About the delivery, it took almost a month to reach to the small city destination. There should be no problem with delivery to any destination as the product is delivered by India post( in India). About the privacy, the product name but not the actual full name was written on the cover. My product came with named "eggplant". Overall it's a satisfactory product but not something that would make u say wow at the first look. I would recommend it if u want something sleek but yet heavy and not too long inside your privacy. And also to those who wants to use it both ways.
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Do you have a fondness for vegetables or gardening and are horny at the same time? Do you like trying out your veggies as sex toys? Then the Baby Glass Eggplant available in India  is the sex toy for you! Made entirely out of Borosilicate Glass, this pleasurable dildo is crafted to look exactly like an eggplant. If you’re into using veggies as a sex toy, this is the toy for you!

The “healthy” dildo is firmer and smoother than a real eggplant, which makes it more pleasurable to feel. It is also a lot safer and cheaper because then you won’t have to keep buying eggplants anymore. It’s a one-time buy thing. The glass is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, which means that it’s perfect for temperature play. You can just heat or cool it then enjoy the feeling it brings inside of you. When experimenting with temperature, however, make sure not to drastically change it all at once because this will cause breakage in your toy.

Glass dildos such as the Baby Glass Eggplant are also non-porous, which means that they don’t absorb any odor, moisture, or bacteria from use. This further means that you don’t have to use a condom when playing with them. They are also very easy to clean. Just wash them with any sex toy cleaner, or if you don’t have that, mild soap and water, or sanitize them with boiling water.

It is important to note, however, that the Baby Glass Eggplant is hand-made. This means that the final products may not look exactly like the picture shown. Nevertheless, the quality of the toy is still very much assured.


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