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100% Silicone Arrowhead Anal Bead

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100% Silicone Arrowhead Anal Bead

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Long ago, men and women were shy with their sexual experiences. Today, society has already accepted that both men and women need to be pleasured equally. The act of pleasuring oneself is already widely accepted in India. There are various ways for men and women to pleasure themselves without any form of sexual encounter. The need to stimulate themselves will surely be a heavenly experience with the help of the Silicone Arrowhead anal bead.

Anal beads help stimulate and reach orgasm for both men and women. Men have their prostate near the opening of the anus so it is very much susceptible to stimulation through the use of an anal bead. For women, the G-spot can be right behind the wall of the anus hence it can also be reached there through the use of anal beads. Now, the thing is, there are different anal beads that will help stimulate the area.

One of the best anal beads in the market today is the Silicone Arrowhead Anal Bead. These anal beads go directly to the area you want to stimulate. The design nodes make pleasuring yourself an uplifting experience. It helps you slowly reach climax without hurting yourself in the process. The arrowhead design bodes well with the anatomy of the anus. It does not create any friction but instead, it creates a sensation that will stimulate the area of pleasure. It's made of 100 percent silicone material that is free from phthalate and comes in two different colors - pink and purple.

So, the next time you want to have a private time with yourself, take this anal bead with you and enjoy hours and hours of extreme pleasure without ever having to need of a partner


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