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What the Fuck? Bar Cards

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What the Fuck? Bar Cards

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Give your friends a night they will never forget, or maybe never remember! The drinking game of What The F*ck? Bar Cards are full of raunchy questions! Over 200 original questions with an unlimited amount of players and fun! From 2-100 players you will read questions that will make you go, "What the F*ck??!!!"

What the F*ck game is simple to play and guaranteed to be a hit. Detailed instructions are included, but the object is to guess a chosen player's answer to an insane, always entertaining question like 'What would you find more annoying? a) listening to christmas carolers sing Jingle Bells all day or b) a phone that never stops ringing.

The other players try to guess the answer and either lose points or do a shot/take a drink depending on how you're playing. So grab your cards for a pre-drinking party you will never forget and won't want to!
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