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Afro Lifelike Vibrating Dong
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Pink Rabbit Vibrator
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Regular Price: ₹6,269

Special Price ₹5,240

Vibrator with balls
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Finger Vibrator For Beginners
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Regular Price: ₹2,589

Special Price ₹2,367

Baile Realistic Cock
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Regular Price: ₹2,690

Special Price ₹2,467

Big Vibrating Dildo
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Regular Price: ₹6,946

Special Price ₹6,575

Jelly Vibrator With Balls
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Regular Price: ₹2,216

Special Price ₹1,863

Fantastic Dildo Vibrator
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Regular Price: ₹4,213

Special Price ₹3,800

Vibrating Dong Flesh
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Regular Price: ₹4,514

Special Price ₹4,406

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Looking for the real thing? Try a Realistic Vibrator

So…what gets you going? Is it a rampant erection, or perhaps rippling veins and perky testicles? If just the idea of a perfect erected penis gets you in the mood, then a Realistic Vibrator is exactly the erotic toy that you are looking for. Whatever your fetish, whatever your fantasy! We are certain that within our catalogue you will find a wide range of vibrators to make your erotic wishes a reality.

Even though the adult toy industry has evolved and has brought into the market more delicate and discrete dildos and vibrators, many women continue to prefer toys that look as close as possible to the real thing and feel as natural and genuine as possible. This erotic toy is that and more!


Natural is better

The Realistic Vibrator is in fact the evolution of another sexy toy: the realistic dildo. This has been very popular over the years, attracting people that prefer stimulators that look and feel like a real penis. Some people just get aroused with natural looks! Most of the dildos in the market have been shaped directly out of real erections, to anatomically resemble a man´s manhood - some have even been molded out from the penis of porn stars!


But we are not talking just about a dildo – this toy is the next best thing. It is a real looking dildo that vibrates. Silent yet potently vibrating motors have been integrated into the shafts, with speeds and frequencies to please the most demanding customer. The natural look and feel of it makes it a toy that many continue to prefer and demand.

We believe that a Realistic Vibrator may be very close to the best boyfriend you will ever have: you can get the perfect erection that has been perfectly designed to satisfy your sexual requirements; it is there for you when you need it, at anytime and anywhere you want it, ready to please you, and only you. Just turn it on and he is ready whenever you are!


What makes them so special?

The winning feature of the Realistic Vibrators is the attention to detail. These sexy toys have been meticulously and perfectly shaped and crafted out of a real penis, showing raised veins and well pronounced glands and testicles.

These real-like sex enhancers are designed to deliver a lifelike feel of  real manhood. The materials used for these toys mimic real skin to provide very genuine natural sensations. The multi speed vibrating motors that are integrated to the shaft come with remote controls to choose within different levels of intensity and frequency to enhance stimulation - it is up to you to make a good use of that remote! Some can even be used underwater, and of course, it can be the perfect third lover when used with your partner, for a simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation.


Some of these consist only of the penis, but many others have testicles attached to the base, which makes them even more realistic and appealing.

And if vibrations are not enough to get you reach your maximum climax, you can also find editions that rotate or thrust, and others will come with some extra features for added sensations.

But not only that - some Realistic Vibrators feature a suction cup base. Once the sucker base is placed against a flat surface, it provides you a hands free stimulation option. Moreover, if you choose a vibrating dildo with a wide base, you can even attach it to a compatible harness, for strap-on sex. Who would’ve thought that Realistic Vibrators could be so versatile?


How to choose the perfect Realistic Vibrator for me?

We know that sometimes nothing compares to the real thing. But these erotic toys are definitely very close to the real thing, and that is what makes them so unique and perfect. A Realistic Vibrator emulates the look and the feel of real manhood, perfect for lifelike internal stimulation. However, some people may find them a bit intimidating – especially if they look too big or too explicit. But don´t worry, we are confident that there is a perfect one that suits you - you can choose the level of lifelike looks and feel that pleases you the most.


To help you choose that perfect “partner”, we recommend you to consider these following features according to what turns you on:

  • Color: nowadays you can find a wide pallet of flesh-like tones going from dark to white; however, today you can also find some editions featuring non-realistic colors or glittery shiny ones.
  • Size, Shape and Appearance: as real penises, size and width vary. You can find them long or short, thick or slim. Some are flexible and bendable to provide more versatility; and some others are slightly curved, especially designed to augment g-spot stimulation. Some shafts have glands that can be bigger than others, or even be more detailed to provide pronounced sensations. The texture and structure of the lifelike veins may also vary.
  • Materials: Realistic Vibrators have been made with special materials that emulate  the skin texture of an erected penis. The materials used could range from soft rubber or jelly rubber, to ultra-realistic Cyberskin, UR3, silicone, Futurotic®, and TPE. Most of these materials easily warm up to your body temperature for a more genuine experience. They are hypoallergenic and super easy to clean, but if your choose rubber materials, consider that due to its porous nature, you need to clean them perfectly well after use.


Additionally, we highly recommend the use of lubricants to make the experience more pleasurable. And when using it with a partner, we also recommend the use of condoms, especially if used for anal stimulation.

They look and feel quite real, so the question is: what type of penis do you like? Just picture it in your head, and go and choose that special one. We are certain you will find that Realistic Vibrator specially designed to provide you with the most lifelike feel of an outstanding sexual stimulation. We guarantee uncountable hours of pleasure and fun. Enjoy!

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