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Giant Bead

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Anal beads are usually smooth, pearl-like spheres that are either made of plastic, silicone, or glass. Plastic and silicone are cheaper than glass since the longevity of the item is much more precise with glass anal beads. In order to use them, they need to be inserted deep within the anus and by the time orgasm comes, you pull them out of the anus for a more intense experience. The same happens with the Giant Bead.

The toy is made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is smooth and can adapt to the temperature of its surroundings. The sex toy is a shaft that has ridges that twist and turn. This makes penetration an exciting experience for its users. The spheres heighten sensation as it passes through the anal or vaginal canal. You can move the Giant Bead up and down or sideways in order to locate the G-spot. By the time you reach climax, you will surely be moaning and yelling out in joy! You'll discover why it's one of the best sex toys in India!

The reason for the glass material is so that it can be stored and cleaned with ease. The benefit of having a borosilicate material as a sex toy is its durability and convenience. Unlike silicone or plastic where it can easily tear the linings of the surface, glass has a smooth surface. It also tends to mimic the temperature of its surroundings, therefore if you place the Giant Bead in a cold temperature, you will surely enjoy a cold, penetrating feeling deep inside you. If you place it in a warm temperature, you will feel the warmth as it digs deep into you.


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