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BMS - Booty Beads

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BMS - Booty Beads

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In choosing a good anal bead, make sure that the following are present: they do not have rough edges, the cord does not break, and the beads are well intact. In order to make it more secured or avoid contracting any disease, you can place the beads inside a condom before you use them. Anal beads are usually small but there are some that are large. Anal beads are usually tucked inside one by one until the person reaches orgasm where it is hastily taken out to enhance the overall feeling of orgasm. It is advisable for beginners to start with smaller beads like the versatile BMS - Booty Beads.

This sex toy is the ultimate bling for your booty. You can feel the vibrations from one tip to the other as you place them one by one. The beads are smaller so they are highly recommended for beginners of anal play. But, being small does not mean they are easy to play with. They still pack a punch for those who want extra strength. Although the shape of the bead is not phallic, it is still quite enjoyable through its vibrations. The longer you let it stay inside your booty, the more powerful and intense your orgasm will feel. It is the best sex toy you can find in India.

The BMS-Booty Beads comes with 3 sets of batteries and can be used by both genders. So, what are you waiting for? Time to pleasure yourself the best way you can!


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