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Anal Screw

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Anal Screw

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The Anal Screw is one of India's favorite anal toys. It is made up of high quality Borosilicate Glass with glass beads embedded in it. It also has a twisted and curved design so that when the it passes through the anus, it summons a unique sensation that covers the entire surface of the anus. The design is intended to give an extra sensation and a more thrilling anal experience for those who get off through anal stimulation. The handle base lets you control the toy in terms of speed and intensity. It is able to withstand resistance from mechanical strength hence making it the ideal sex toy for anal masturbation and foreplay. Some might even want to play with their sex toy with different temperatures to increase the sensation.

There are a lot of ways to seek pleasure through self-stimulation. Others find masturbation to be a source of extreme pleasure without having to commit to any partner or individual. Some even find masturbation to be a very complimenting and self-assuring experience. In order to make masturbation an even more pleasurable experience, you need to have the right tools to reach the desired experience. Much of these tools are called sex toys. Sex toys often represent or mimic the effects of the human genitals without having to get one. Some of these sex toys are dildos and vibrators, which are inserted in either the vagina or the anus and are rubbed in order to get the different experiences. Butt plugs are used as an alternative for dildos since they offer more security. It is still a matter of preference whether to choose a dildo or any form of sex toy but there will always be innovative ones that bring utmost pleasure once used. The Anal Screw butt plug could just become your new favorite sex toy to use.


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