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5 Nodes Beads

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5 Nodes Beads

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Glass dildos are often very practical to use. Much like the 5 Nodes Beads, this type of glass dildo has all the advantages. One thing about dildos is that they help you identify yourself sexually. Most men and women in India who turn to dildos as a sex toy find themselves sexually secured and happy about the toy they purchased. Fortunately, this dildo has that kind of mark. The surface of the dildo is made up of borosilicate glass. This means that the texture and the smooth edges of the nodes will hit the right spot inside the surface of the vagina or the anus. When it does hit the surface, it triggers a sensual arousal in the person. When the sensation continues, it might erupt into a full-on orgasm.

This toy is great for shallow and deep vaginal massage. The shape of the dildo allows the nerve endings of the first few inches of the vagina to be massaged, hence an eruption of ecstasy happens. When it comes to deep vaginal sensation, this dildo does not disappoint. It massages deep into the vagina, creating an all around sensual feeling that later becomes a heightened experience for the woman. With multiple ridges and bulbs, every sensation is felt and the repeated penetration helps build up a powerful orgasm.

The 5 Nose Beads also has a handle to allow a strong grip and control over the sex toy. Gone are the days when you find yourself losing control of the sex toy. The solid base also ensures that you have complete control over the dildo


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