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4 Beads Stick

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4 Beads Stick

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Dildos come in all different shapes and sizes but there is one noticeable change with this kind of dildo. It is made of glass. The 4 Beads Stick is a glass dildo with four gradually sized beads and a handle for perfect maneuvering of the dildo. Glass dildos are marketed heavily in India today since they are highly resistant to mechanical strength. They are safe to use and do not break easily even with rigorous use. Other dildos tend to be resistant to force since they use rubber or latex. Glass dildos, on the other hand, can be used either hot or cold depending on your preference. Hot temperature will increase blood circulation towards the groin area, making your experience more pleasurable, while cold temperature will prolong the sensation and intensify the pleasure.

This dildo is made out of glass material so that it can easily be inserted and retracted without any hassle. The four gradually sized beads allow its users to slowly adapt to the size of the dildo without causing harm to the tissues inside the organ. The gradual size helps the walls of the vagina adjust itself with the dildo, instead of inserting a large portion of the dildo immediately. With the right temperature, this dildo will surely be the instrument to your pleasure success. Note that all of these glass dildos are handmade so each of the product's color and shape might not be the same as the colors pictured.

For your pleasure and comfort, choose the 4 beads stick and you will be pleased without worrying about mechanical resistance. You can even enjoy the dildo with different temperatures to satisfy your craving.


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