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Zolo - The Girlfriend Cup - Male Masturbator

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Zolo - The Girlfriend Cup - Male Masturbator

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You can finally stop searching for the perfect match for your pleasure rod, because with the all new Zolo Girlfriend Cup Male Masturbator, you have a lover and partner right in the palm of your hands. Specially designed to stimulate all your senses to create unforgettable experiences, the Girlfriend Cup has all the perks of having a girlfriend and then some. You can choose when, where and how you let her pleasure you as well as how long you want to go for. You are no longer restricted by just one climax; you can go again and again until you’re completely sated and satisfied.

The sleeve is made with soft, comfortable and welcoming thermoplastic rubber, which excites your cock as you slide in and out, its warm channel acting as a pleasure seeker, looking to give you the best orgasm. The round curves, bumpy ridges and tight tunnel make the Girlfriend cup a real keeper. Not only does she feel like the real thing, she’s tight enough to keep your soldier at attention without putting too much strain on your senses. Play alone and go solo with the Zolo or use it to stimulate you as foreplay before the main action with your partner.

A grand total of 16 centimeters long and nearly 7 centimeters wide, it not only fits in your hand for easy use and maneuvering, it’s the perfect size to keep your cock snug in the sleeve. Don’t just dream it; experience it with Zolo’s Girlfriend Cup Male Masturbator.


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