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Waterproof Magic Vase

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Waterproof Magic Vase

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There are hundreds of different dildos that you can find in India. Most of them are shaped like a penis while others have a more outlandish looking. Some are just a few adjustments to the standard ones while others are a complete makeover to the overall look. The Waterproof Magic Vase is a mixture of both. It has the standard look of a penis but has the outlandish style. It looks like a penis in a vase. The objective is to have a firm grip over the dildo so that you can have more control over your strokes and thrusts. The more control you have, the more sensation you begin to feel. And the more sensation you feel, the closer you get to having an orgasm. The base will help you have a stronger grip so you can fully take control of the speed and the intensity. By then, it will take only a few minutes before you climax and start all over again. 

The toy is waterproof so you can play with it while you are in the bath tub or in the shower. The entire dildo is made of phthalate-free material so you can be assured that it is safe for your body. The shaft of the dildo is about a few inches long so it reaches the areas that give you a good time. The PU coat has a very smooth surface so that it does not irritate inside. Lubricant is always recommended when playing anally.

The Waterproof Magic Vase is a funny little sex toy but it might surprise you when you try it. It’s also great for beginners, once the tips is inserted it gives you that nice build up to more thickness when you are ready for it.


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