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Verspanken Water Weiner Smooth

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Verspanken Water Weiner Smooth

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VerSpanken WaterWiener Smooth is the ultimate accessory to your VerSpanken Wavy (sold separately), an ideal masturbator that will have you begging for more every time you use it. This unique device is the closest alternative you can get to the real thing. This inventive and unique maturbator is designed to fulfill all your sexual fantasies and get the best out of all your romantic and sexual adventures.

One of the six differently designed inserts, the Smooth will take your pleasure level way higher than before and help you orgasm like never before. The most exceptional and remarkable feature is that these inserts are microwave safe and refrigerator friendly .They can be heated or chilled to achieve whatever thrilling sensation you have in your mind. Slipping into a warm WaterWiener is like slipping into a warm bath, all you need to do is just relax and go with the flow. As if temperature play isn't enough of a reason to add them to your sex toy collection along with your VerSpanken device, they also provide a tighter fit and firmer feel than the FoamWieners included. With VerSpanken WaterWiener Smooth, the mix and match possibilities are endless.

Make each night a new adventure for yourself and your partner by addidng this device into the mix. Available in three interchangeable textures so you can mix and match to your favorite feel and temperature, it's a new experience every time and completely customizable because it's all about YOU! The device is made of 100% recyclable materials and contains no latex, phthalates, lead or heavy metals. VerSpanken is sold separately.
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