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Rough Rider

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Rough Rider

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If you are tired of regular dildos and are looking for a life sized pleasure doll, then the X5 Rough Rider Ride Him Hard is just the toy for you. One of India's most unique adult products does not only offer a penis but also comes with a life-sized torso of a man. Measuring 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, the dildo that comes with the toy is definitely large enough to fill anyone up. Though at first glance it seems like a toy that’s only meant for women, men can use it too.

This sex toy has a ribbed anal opening, which can be penetrated by a male or a woman who wants to try a strap-on on a man. Its big and long penis is also capable enough to enter both the vagina and anus. In fact, this penis has a multiple flexing property, which means that it can pleasure you in all the ways that a real penis can. The product also uses the Sensa Feel Dual Density technology, which makes it even more realistic and satisfying to play with.

Using this X5 Rough Rider is better than just using a regular dildo because the torso, along with the realistic design of the dildo, makes the experience more realistic. This life-sized masturbation device is soft and realistic, and is actually very light. Weighing only 8.8 pounds, you can easily bring it anywhere around the house if you feel like trying somewhere out of the room. Given all its advantages, it is actually a very unique and exciting gift to give your girl (or gay) friends, especially during a bachelorette party!

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