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This tight pleasure hole is a definite pleaser. Her tight, sphincter filled with several bumps, ridges and grooves, takes your pleasure rod on a ride each time you thrust in and pull out of her warm hole. The Pipedream Bumpy Bitch is a bitch alright. She uses her nice tight ass to tease and torture your poor cock until you’re groaning your orgasm.

Made with the soft, lifelike material Fanta Flesh, this textured masturbator is made especially for anyone out there who loves the feel of a tightly-closed pucker, slowly easing open around your thick cock as you ease your way into the deep, warm and snug tunnel.

This bitch is really made to please with 14.73 centimeters dedicated just to taking your cock all the way in; and another 5.08 centimeters made tight and snug just to wrap around and pleasure every inch of your cock with each and every thrust, pull, squeeze, pound and stretch. This horny bitch will have you spilling load after load deep into her warm asshole.
With that much bumping, grinding, rubbing, and thrusting, you’ll need something to keep the experience going extra pleasurable. With our special lubricants, you know her tight little ass will always be ready for you. And when you’re done with the little slut? Just clean her out with the specialized Pipedream Toy Cleaner.
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