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Neon - luv touch p-spot stimulator blue

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Neon - luv touch p-spot stimulator blue

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With all the craze about the female’s G-spot, men are starting to look for something that gives an equally electric and indescribable pleasure, sure to make their erections last longer, their orgasms stronger, and their pleasure unending. With the Neon Luv touch P-Spot Stimulator, men not only have an easy-to-use toy that will set every nerve ending on edge, screaming for sweet release, it will also make them last longer during sex with their partners.

The P-spot is just as sensitive as its female counterpart, the G-spot. But if you’re new to this and you’re just looking to unleash your desire, you might ask “where exactly is the P-spot?” The anus is home to one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a man’s body: his prostate. Once you insert the smooth, curved end of the P-Spot Stimulator will reach deep into you, caressing, massaging and stimulating your prostate. This experience is certainly one-of-a-kind and for first-timers, it might push you over the edge of your orgasm immediately.

The soft, velvety smooth ABS plastic used to make the P-Spot Stimulator is perfect for easy insertion and a fun, pleasurable ride. The curved handle at one end of the toy allows for easy maneuvering and a firm grip while the other short, curved end stimulates and massages the perineum as you play.

Try some of our tantalizing lubricants to further ease the process or if you’re trying this out for the first time and need a little boost opening yourself up.


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