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My Real Brest Size 3 (approx. C cup) - Asian Skin Tone

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My Real Brest Size 3 (approx. C cup) - Asian Skin Tone

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My Real Breast is an unrivaled product when it comes to according women the chance to have bigger or fuller breasts. Unlike a lot of other breast enhancers that only give the illusion of bigger breasts when you are dressed up, this product does not rely on clothing. Ultra thin silicone that hasn’t been wrapped up in plastic gives it a highly realistic look especially when it has adjusted to the wearer’s body temperature.

For those who do not like the idea of undergoing surgery just to get fuller breasts, this product is the ideal solution. Four different sizes and several cup sizes are available to pick from. You can also decide between 6 different skin tones like fair, tan, Light African or even the characteristic tone from India. In other words, if you want bigger breasts, you can have them no matter who you are.

The company also carries out custom blending of colors for those who want to leave no room for error in the tone difference. If you have no clue which color would complement you then all you have to do is send a sample palette and the company will mail you some differently colored samples that you can choose from. Should the product received not match your exact expectations, it is easily resolvable by custom blending the silicone to your skin by simply using a blush or any make up product that you think can do the trick. Should you need certain features like moles or freckles, the company will airbrush the product according to your request. You may buy an individual piece if you only need one or go for a one-piece form. It will be delivered with a standard care kit and instructions for applying or taking off the breasts.

My Real Breasts are gaining popularity in India fast for all the right reasons.

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