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My Real Breast Size 4 (approx. D cup) - Fair Skin Tone

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My Real Breast Size 4 (approx. D cup) - Fair Skin Tone

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My Real Breast Size 4, in fair skin tone is the perfect product for those who want to give the illusion that they have bigger and fuller breasts in India.

• The Specs:
• Weight- 1031 grams
• Protrusion Size-10 Inches
• Top to Bottom-9 ½ Inches
• Nipple to Bottom-5 Inches
• Side to Side-12 ½ inches

Unlike other breast enhancers, this product makes your breasts look and feel bigger and fuller even without clothing. It is made from ultra thin silicone that isn’t encased in plastic, which makes the product very realistic especially when it has absorbed the body temperature of the wearer. In fact, it is actually the best product to use if you want realistically bigger breasts without undergoing surgery. This makes it useable for practically anyone who wants bigger breasts. In addition, the company can also custom blend different colors to get the tone closest to your complexion. If you are unsure what color to get, you can include a sample palette in your order, and the company can send you samples of the different colors. If, for example, the product you received does not perfectly fit your skin color, you can always custom blend the silicone with your skin using blushes and other make up products, and even alcohol based body inks.

The company also offers airbrush detailing for those who want to maximize the realness of the breasts. Just tell us what details you want (ex. Moles, freckles, nipple size, etc.), and we will give them to you. We offer My Real Breasts individually or as a one-piece breast form.

All MRB products come with a standard care kit, which includes all necessary materials for application and removal of the breasts. Instructions for application are also included with the product. If you take care of your MRB properly, you can be assured of bigger, fuller breasts for a long, long time.

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