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My Real Breast Size 2 (approx. B cup) - Fair Skin Tone

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My Real Breast Size 2 (approx. B cup) - Fair Skin Tone

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If you dream of wearing low necklines and display bigger and fuller breasts, but you’re too lazy to do the work; or if you’re a cross-dresser or transvestite and want to look like a real woman – My Real Breast is the best product in India ever developed for this purpose. Made with an ultra thin silicone outer membrane, it looks and feels just like real breasts and it doesn’t need to be surgically implanted in your body. It’s as close to having real breasts as you can get!
Unlike other breast forms which only appear real under your clothes, these breast forms create a true illusion even with your clothes off. It is very light at 99 grams and measures 2 ½” from nipple to bottom; 5 1/2” from top to bottom; 7 ¼” from side to side and the protrusion size is 5” inches.

This specific product is a B cup and is designed for users with a Fair Skin Tone, but it also available in 4 standard sizes: Size 1,2,3,4, with a C cup and D cup.
You can also choose from a variety of skin tones: Tan, Fair, Asian, Dark African and Light African.
Once the silicone absorbs your body temperature – it looks and feels incredibly real! Right down to the slight jiggle. Putting it on is easy. Position the breasts evenly, apply the medical adhesives to the edges and press firmly to your skin. Voila! Real breasts!
With proper care and removal, silicone breasts can be used for a long period of time. Remove them slowly and use adhesive removers to avoid tearing the thin outer skin.
A standard care kit is included which contains: medical adhesives, skin prep wipes (helps in adhesion and protects skin), adhesive remover and adhesive remover wipes. All you need to get those desirable breasts. My Real Breasts offer the perfect solution. What are you waiting for?

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