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Mia Isabella Ts Deluxe Love Doll

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Mia Isabella Ts Deluxe Love Doll

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The Mia Isabella TS Deluxe Love Doll has the beautiful features that have gotten the attention of our customers in India and other countries all over the globe. The lifelike features of this doll are the real magic of this doll. The life like Fanta-Flesh dildo is as important a feature as the realistic 3D Formed Face and the life like Hair. Mia Isabelle has realistic eye lashes and movable arms. Her voluptuous breasts with firm nipples. She has painted finger nails and painted toe nails for even more realism.

This is the Transsexual Love Doll that has all the features you could want on your TS blow up doll. The face of Mia Isabella is beautifully molded. The firm voluptuous breasts are unmistakably large and can be used for more fun than just visual stimulation. In many cases blow up dolls are plastic and PVC which are actually very easy to clean and easy to maintain. This is a transsexual doll with several options provided to you with a few different options for use. The care and cleaning of your new sexy toy is essential. To make this love doll last as long as you need it to take special care with the toy cleaners you use although soap and water are still a great option.

Look into the use of any of your favorite lubricants by making certain that they are safe to use with the PVC that makes up the doll. The Mia Isabella TS Deluxe Love Doll is exactly what you are looking for. We ship our products to customers quickly and efficiently to all over the globe from India to many other countries for free so order your sexy blow up doll today.

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