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Genie In A Bottle Masturbator - Slip and Slide

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Genie In A Bottle Masturbator - Slip and Slide

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Excite your wild side with the all new Genie in a Bottle Masturbator- Slip and Slide, designed to give you night after night of unbelievable sensations and exciting experiences. This multi-chamber masturbator is built to arouse and let you slip, slide and crash into the strong waves of ecstasy it gives you. You can play solo and keep the control over your pleasure, right in your hands or you can share the same excitement with your partner, allowing them to choose what to do with you as you edge closer to your climax.

Made with soft and comfortable thermoplastic rubber (TPE), the Genie is the perfect lifelike male stimulator. The insides are specially designed to change up your pleasure with every stroke. With up to seven or even more of different pleasure chambers, each with their own unique quality, play time will certainly never be boring again. From small, soothing and sensitizing beads lining the walls, to tight, restrictive spaces that tease your cock as you insert it and pull it out, each ride inside the Genie will always be new and exciting. Simply changing your stroke speed will give you a different dimension of indescribable ecstasy. With its tight channels and bumpy insides, it’s perfect for keeping you hard and needy for longer, making your climaxes better and stronger.

With nearly 15 centimeters of tight tunnel to fill with 8 centimeters wide, the Genie in a Bottle Masturbator- Slip and Slide is just the right companion to help you and your solider out in times of great need and desire.


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