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Body Massager Ball

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Body Massager Ball

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The Body Massager Ball is the perfect toy for those who love massages and relaxation. It looks like a plant in a pot so it can be placed in a public spot and no one would even notice it’s an adult toy. It doesn’t have any of the special features of other sex toys and many people in India won’t even consider this as a sex toy but it can definitely make you feel good if you know how to use it properly.

This massager was mainly made to help you massage different parts of the body (sensually or non-sensually) but you can also use the plant arms as dildos. This may not feel like other dildos but the sensation it brings after a whole body lubricated massage will definitely leave you wanting for more. The Body Massager Ball is best used with a partner, so every inch of your body can be massaged but you can also use it alone.

The outer part of the toy is made of plastic while the inner part is made of steel. Steel can be used and cleaned with anything, so just apply any lubricant on it during use then wipe it off with antibacterial hand wipes or wash with antibacterial soap and water. We can’t say the same for the plastic, on the other hand. Plastic is porous and can get sticky easily, which means that it is more prone to germs, bacteria, and odor.

To make sure this product lasts for a long time, it is advised to take proper care of both the plastic and silicone parts. The Body Massager Ball may seem like a boring, unexciting sex toy but if used right, it can definitely touch all the right places. It can also be used for massage rooms role plays.


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