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Bachelorette Jumbo Pecker Whistle Necklace

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Bachelorette Jumbo Pecker Whistle Necklace

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Bachelorette Jumbo Pecker Whistle Necklace is a way to make some noise at a bachelorette party. This amazing little pecker whistle fitted with a necklace is bound to make things interesting at any party. Just put your lips together and blow. Give this pecker shaped whistle a little blow and see how much noise you can make.

Created by Pipedream, a company renowned for producing innovative and exciting adult toys, this unique necklace will easily swing around your neck and the whistle will ensure you have a good time at the bachelorette party. Use this penis shaped whistle to let everyone know the bachelorette guest party have arrived and they are feeling a little naughty. These are perfect for the bride to be to announce her last night of singlehood to the public. This amazing pack features 1 pecker shaped whistle in pink. The bride and her bridesmaids will enjoy blowing into these little penis whistle. They can be used for a wild bachelorette party or can serve as a fun adult toy at any other themed party. One thing is for sure, the girls will love blowing them. They can be used to announce the bachelorette party’s arrival at a venue or can be used to find each other in bars and clubs.

Bachelorette Jumbo Pecker Whistle Necklace will help you capture the whole last night of singlehood spirit in a hilarious way. This is a must for any bachelorette party whether you plant to stay home or to go out.
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